Alpha F1 Review 2021 - Does It Work? Read Ingredients & Results Before Buy!

Alpha F1

Warning Visitors: Do Not Buy Alpha F1 Until You Read This Review Of Alpha F1 pills, How Does It Work? & Read Ingredients Can Give Side Effects or Results. Where To Buy Best Alpha F1 Alternative?

What is Alpha F1?

Alpha F1 is a testosterone booster which increases the testosterone level in the body. It is widely used by gymmers, athletes and even common men. The energy levels of a person are increased by consuming the product. Hence one is able to put more effort in the gym or for doing any physical activity. It also improves one’s sex life.

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Alpha F1 Review 2021 - Does It Work? Read
Ingredients & Results Before Buy!

1. What is Alpha F1?
2. Manufacturer Company
3. Ingredients
4. Where To Buy Best Alpha F1 Alternative?
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Alpha F1 increases the libido of an individual as a result more than one orgasms can be attained by a person during intercourse. Sperm production is also increased by its consumption as a result one can survive for longer time in bed and satisfy the needs for his partner. Alpha F1 not only increases libido and sperm production but it also increases the stamina and energy. The product also helps one to loss weight as it increases the rate of metabolism of an individual. Thus more burning of fat takes place and the extra fat can be removed. The product also claims that it helps one maintain proper health.

It is also claimed that Alpha F1 helps to build bulk and gain lean mass. The recovery time is decreased by its consumption. It helps in faster weight loss.

The company claims that all natural ingredients are used for making this product and the product is side-effect free but it has been found that one can get side-effects from this product (depending from individual to individual). Tongkat Ali also known as Eurycoma Longfolia Extrct is the main herbal component present in Alpha F1.

Manufacturer Company

Alpha F1 is a United States based company in St. George, Utah near Arizona border. Product packaging and delivery is available from the manufacturer.

Does Alpha F1 really work?

Alpha F1 contains only 4 ingredients whereas in other products the standard ingredients used are 6 to 12 as a result the product is completely different from the other products in the market.

Though Alpha F1 contains best supplements that help in increasing testosterone level, the product is not so effective like other products available in the market as it has only 100 mg dose of Tongkat Ali per serving as compared to the required 400 mg per dosage. Thus, its overall potency is very low. Though it is not as effective as the higher ranked supplements, Alpha F1 does contain some ingredients that help in increasing testosterone level (though not like other supplements). One can consume Alpha F1 after doctor’s advice and can see some change in their lifestyle.

You must know that the only testosterone you want in your body is the natural testosterone of your body. An outside source would/can be harmful for your body. Any outside hormone could likely not be accepted by your body and result in side effects leaving your condition worsen than what it was. Alpha F1 increases testosterone while other products boost testosterone levels. But Alpha F1 claims that it doesn’t work like this.

Though natural ingredients are used in Alpha F1, it doesn’t mean that it is completely side effect free.

How to consume Alpha F1?

2 pills per day along with water is recommended.

What ingredients does it have?

Vitamins B1 & B6 60 mg - Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is used for muscles development. It is also useful for muscle growth and reducing stress. Whereas Vitamin B6 helps in increasing the testosterone level of the body.

Zinc 20 mg – Zinc helps in increasing the testosterone level of the body. It also strengthens the immunity system of the body. It has been found that the men containing more zinc have more fertile sperms.

Eurycoma Longfolia Extract 100 mg (Tongkat Ali) - It is the most common ingredient present in health supplements as it has many benefits. Blood flow in the body is increased by its consumption. It also limits SHBG level s in the body. It also increase fat, blood flow and stamina in the body.

What is Alpha F1’s price?

Alpha F1’s price is $89.87 for 30 day supply with extra $4.95 charged as shipping fee and handling fee. Free trial is also available and if the product doesn’t fulfill expectations then it can be returned in 14 days. This free trial offer is a scam. If not cancelled before 14 days then one has to pay the $89.87 of the product as monthly membership bill. Hence it would be very difficult to get out of this scam.

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Boosts testosterone levels to some extent
It enhances sexual performance
Has natural ingredients


Does not have the required amount of Tongkat Ali. (100 mg instead of required 400mg per serving) Has only 4 ingredients. Can cause side effects. Has very high price inspite of having only 4 ingredients. No customer reviews are available. No scientific proof is available about the product.


Alpha F1 is a big boo!! The product does not justify the price that is charged for it. Better products in same price are available in the market. Stay away from the scammy free trial offer. It’s better to stay away from products like this and make others aware about the same. Alpha F1 doesn’t fulfill the promise that it gives about itself. Be careful and don’t be a victim!!

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